Demi Lovato Held A ‘Funeral For My Pop Music’ And Is Launching A New Sound

A lot has been going on with Demi Lovato, so it makes sense that a sonic rebrand would be in order, too. The teen pop star recently came out as nonbinary, letting fans know they prefer using “they/them” pronouns, and helping educate the rest of the mainstream, heteronormative public about what the shift means for dating and attraction. Additionally, after several severe relapses and near-death experiences, the singer has chosen to live completely sober now, not just “California sober,” which usually means the person in question still uses marijuana despite abstaining from other drugs and alcohol.

Last night, Lovato brought that same energy to their music career, posting a somber, staged photo of their team — including manager Scooter Braun – all dressed in black. In the photo, Lovato is also with her new label, Island records, and is shown flipping off the camera with both middle fingers. Very punk rock, indeed. “A funeral for my pop music,” they wrote as the caption for the post. And a snippet of new music, which leaned decidedly pop-punk, was also posted to their Instagram story. Check out the funeral post above, as well as a snippet of what the singer posted to their story to preview a new sound.

It sounds pretty good, but I wonder how Miley feels about all this?