Dionne Warwick Actually Thought Billie Eilish’s Name Was Something Completely Different

Dionne Warwick has wrapped up her 2020 by becoming one of the most delightful people on Twitter. Earlier this month, she revealed that she’s a Taylor Swift fan, and around the same time, she playfully made fun of Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd’s stage names. Now she has handed out even more praise, this time towards Billie Eilish, even if there was a bit of confusion involved.

Last night, she tweeted, “I took the time to check out William Eyelash. Very spooky. Great vocals. @billieeilish.” She added in another tweet, “She is singing like it is Halloween.”

Given that Warwick is prone to joking on Twitter, it was assumed that she was just kidding about calling Eilish by her silly nickname (which was used by Rainn Wilson back in early 2019). That said, Warwick later followed up, “I thought her name was William Eyelash from the @nbcsnl performance. I do know her name is Billie now.” Somebody replied, “I thought you were kidding,” and Warwick responded, “Why?”

So, either Warwick is trolling and new Eilish’s real name all along, or she really did think one of the most popular musicians in the world was named William Eyelash. Considering she was struck by the apparent oddity of performing names like Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd, the latter option wouldn’t be all that surprising.