Doja Cat Almost Missed Her Grammy Win Because She Was Peeing, And Cried During Her Acceptance Speech

Doja Cat has been through it since she broke out in the music industry, with strange rumors and bad faith accusations following her even as she rose to the top. The release of her album, Planet Her, cemented her weirdo status, but also moved Doja even more into the mainstream. In fact, sometimes it feels like the mainstream moves with her. Nothing illustrates that better than one of the album’s early singles, a collaboration between SZA and Doja called “Kiss Me More” that has stuck around for months.

Tonight, the Grammys honored the song further with a victory in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category, but Doja was so sure she wasn’t in the running that she opted to go to the bathroom right before the honor was announced. SZA made her way up to the stage rather slowly due to her crutches, with Lady Gaga thankfully helping her out with the long gauze train of her dress, and Solana had to kill time for a few moments while Doja made her way out of the bathroom and up onstage. “I’ve never p*ssed so quickly,” Doja blurted, before praising her collaborator, giving SZA a chance to speak, and then tearfully returning to the mic to let the Recording Academy know just how much the award really meant to her.

Lately, Doja has been threatening to retire from the industry all together… hopefully this changes her mind. For good. Check out the whole drama above.