Dua Lipa Is Reportedly ‘Already Thinking’ About A Third Album That’s ‘Completely Different’

When it comes to getting scoops on industry news, Variety is one of the best, and the storied magazine has an interview with soon-to-be Warner Records president Joe Kentish (formerly head of A&R for the label), that will make Dua Lipa fans as happy as Dua was when Ginger Spice sent her flowers. According to Kentish, Dua is already in a space where she’s thinking about what her third record will be like, and she’s ready to shift gears.

“She was talking about album No. 3 when we barely had No. 2 done,” Kentish told Variety. “You’re half-expecting that she might want to take a break or go about things differently but she’s like ‘Right, what’s next?’ Her interests, her knowledge, her thirst to learn new things and to be in control of what she does just grows and grows. She’s taking time to fully realize the album conceptually, but her belief in herself and the belief that she can pull off something completely different and at scale has only grown.”

He also spoke to the seeming unstoppable force of Future Nostalgia, which just picked up a handful of awards at the Brits a few weeks ago, and is still going strong with the “Moonlight Edition.”

“It’s ‘The Terminator’ of albums, it just cannot be stopped!” Kentish said of the record. “Every time we think it’s down, another single pops off in another territory or on another platform. And her work ethic is legendary. We use her as an example to other artists at the label and I know her management company, Tap Music, do the same.”

Check out the full interview here — and hopefully look out for a new, left-field Dua Lipa single sooner than we thought.