Ginger Spice Sent Dua Lipa Flowers For Her Union Jack Dress At The BRIT Awards

At the BRIT Awards earlier this week, plenty of pop stars got the kind of accolades they wholeheartedly deserve. One such winner was Dua Lipa, who took home awards for best British album, best British single (for “Physical”), and best British female solo artist. Performing a medley of Future Nostalgia hits at the show, Dua gave a nod to another British pop icon through her wardrobe choice. Channeling Ginger Spice’s iconic Union Jack dress from the ’90s, Dua apparently caught Geri’s attention with her homage.

The former Spice Girl took to Twitter to let everyone know that her choice to wear that dress was a moment of following her own instincts in the face of doubts.”Trust [yo]urself.. this dress is a reminder to follow [yo]ur instincts & be [yo]urself,” the Spice Girls icon wrote on Twitter. “24yrs ago I had an idea to wear a Union Jack to celebrate The Brit Awards. Despite doubts, I trusted my instincts & wore it anyway. So special to see it worn by a fellow sister yesterday #girlpower.”

Dua updated the look by swapping the dress for a mini-skirt version, and topping that off with a blazer that she took off fairly early into the show, but posed with in backstage pics. And her made such an impact on Geri that she sent the young star flowers the next day, which Dua thankfully shared on her Insta story. Intergenerational pop star friendships? We love to see it.