Dua Lipa Turns The Tables On Stephen Colbert By Asking Him A Deep Personal Question On ‘The Late Show’

Dua Lipa is one of the busiest people in music at the moment. She just launched her “Service95” newsletter, she’s in cahoots with Puma, she’s been recording new music, and she’s going on tour this year. On top of all that, Lipa was a guest on The Late Show last night, sitting down for a lengthy interview with Stephen Colbert, during which she got to flex her own interviewing skills.

Colbert closed out the chat by mentioning Lipa’s upcoming podcast Dua Lipa: At Your Service, which drove the conversation towards the art of conversation and interviewing itself. After Lipa noted that she’s been enjoying interviewing people for the podcast and the research that’s involved in that process, Colbert asked Lipa if she had a question for him. After taking a minute to think about it, Lipa said, “I think something that your viewers really connect with in your comedy and your hosting skills, especially in the past few years, is how open and honest and authentic you are about the role your faith plays in your life. I was wondering, does your faith and your comedy ever overlap and does one ever win out?”

The evidence that this was a strong question is the fact it took Colbert nearly two minutes to answer it. He began, “I think ultimately, all being mortal, the faith will win out at the end, but I certainly hope when I get to Heaven, Jesus has a sense of humor.” From there, he continued to discuss the reasons he liked the movie Belfast and how it relates to the relationship between faith and comedy, love and sacrifice, and death and defeat.

They also talked about releasing an album during a pandemic, working with Elton John, and more, so find clips from the interview above and below.

Dua Lipa is a Warner Music artist. .