Joe Jonas Said Taylor Swift Re-Recording Her Old Albums Is ‘Really Clever’

Back in the day, before Joe Alwyn and Sophie Turner were in the picture, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas were an item. Or, well, at least Taylor thought they were as she laid out so candidly in her song “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” a loosie from the Fearless sessions that showed up on her re-record of the album earlier this year. Swifties were quick to ascertain the song was about one Mr. Jonas, and even his current wife Sophie got in on the fun.

Joe didn’t say much at the time — probably the wisest move, buddy — but he did speak to Buzzfeed about Taylor’s decision to re-record her albums in general. In a Zoom interview, Buzzfeed reporter Ehis Osifo asked: “If you could re-record any song from the Jonas Brothers catalogue, which one would you choose and why?” To which Joe responded: “Good question. I think I would probably re-record our entire first album.Just do something like what Taylor did recently, which I thought was really clever.”

Joe brought Taylor into his answer even though the question wasn’t technically about her, which leads me to believe that despite the vitriol of the old song, these two have definitely let bygones be bygones. And hey, we all got a great breakup song out of it, too — a win/win. So maybe we can get Joe to play himself in the hopefully soon-to-come video? If you have yet to hear the song, check it out below.

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