Justin Bieber Is Surrounded By Earth Tones In His Partially Animated ‘Habitual’ Video

For the past few weeks now, Justin Bieber has teamed up with Apple Music to roll out new videos for a handful of songs from his new album, Changes. So far, he has shared clips for “ETA” and “Changes.” Bieber promised to drop a new visual every Tuesday, and sure enough, he’s back with one today, this time for “Habitual.”

The video is similar to its aforementioned predecessors, in that it is mostly footage of Bieber singing the song in a naturalistic environment. This time, the visual theme is fall and earth tones, and there are some animations that help to transition between shots and add spice to the proceedings.

This new “Habitual” clip comes just a day after he shared another video for the song. Bieber’s recent video is actually for both “Habitual” and “All Around Me,” and it’s far different from this new clip. Instead, the first video makes use of expressive choreography between two dancers to tell an intimate story.

The full “Habitual” video is exclusive to Apple Music, so check out a preview above, and watch the whole thing here. Also read our review of Changes here.

Changes is out now via Def Jam. Get it here.