Karol G’s Tiny Desk Concert In-Studio Debut Was A Touching Reimagination Of Her Record-Breaking Album ‘Mañana Será Bonito’

Karol G is excited to hit the road this summer for her Mañana Será Bonito Tour. To prepare for the limited run dates across the United States, the “TQG” singer made her in-studio Tiny Desk Concert debut at NPR’s headquarters.

In 2021, Karol G recorded original footage for their Tiny Desk At Home Concerts series. Due to the massive record-breaking success of her album Mañana Será Bonito, there was no doubt that an in-person set would eventually happen. As she reimagined several of the album’s standout tracks, the attendees couldn’t help but to be touched by her emotional delivery.

Karol G and musical director Rob Trujillo were the sonic architects of the blended traditional and modern Mexican musical elements. Backed by musicians Jemma Heigis (pianist), Giulliana Merello (drummer), Patricia Ligia (bassist), Crystal Torre (trumpeter), Hailey-Mae Niswanger (flutist), Katiuska Fernandes (percussionist), Irany Martinez (accordion player), India Anderson (tuba player), and Susana Vasquez (guitarist), Karol G vocally floats across each track sang despite confessing how nervous she was.

“The album is super new, and this is the first time I’m singing some of the songs here, and they feel so good in this version,” confidently declares Karol.

She added, “I feel like I’m in my home, with my people, drinking wine. But now, let’s bring some Mexican vibes to this place!”

The setlist included songs “Carolina,” “Gucci Los Paños,” “Pero Tú,” and “Mercurio.”

Watch the full performance above.