Kevin Jonas Filmed Getting ‘An Actual Little Skin Cancer Guy’ Removed From His Head And Urged Everyone To Get Their Moles Checked

The Jonas Brothers, Uproxx’s June 2023 cover stars, postponed Mexico concert dates from May to August due to Nick Jonas coming down “with a nasty strain of influenza-A.” The Jonas Brothers’ Five Nights. One Night. The World Tour. will resume on August 21 in Mexico City, Mexico, which gives Nick, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas extra time to take care of other things. Joe appears to have his head down on solo music, but Kevin had a much less fun task to tend to.

“So, today, I am getting a basal cell carcinoma removed from my head,” Kevin Jonas said in an Instagram video. “Yes, that is an actual little skin cancer guy that has started to grow, and now, I have to get surgery to remove it.”

The video cuts to the eldest Jonas Brother in the car, pulling back his hair to show a bandage near his hairline. “I’m all done,” he said. “Now, it’s time to heal. Heading home. Make sure to get those moles checked, people!”

According to Mayo Clinic, basal cell carcinoma is “a type of skin cancer” that “begins in the basal cells — a type of cell within the skin that produces new skin cells as old ones die off,” and it “most often on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun, such as your head and neck.” Mayo Clinic additionally noted that basal cell carcinoma is “thought to be caused by long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight.”