Lana Del Rey Remembers A Woman Throwing A Feminist Book At Her Face And Other Combative Interactions After Becoming Famous

Lana Del Rey is a die-hard hopeless romantic, so much so that social media users labeled her the ultimate ‘pick me’ after they found out who her boyfriend was at the time. Backlash ensued, and she eventually decided to deactivate her social media profiles. Although she ended up calling it quits with her then-partner, the public still hasn’t let it go off who they think she is based on what they read about her or saw online.

We’ve previously reported on the singer filing for and being awarded a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. During a conversation with Billie Eilish for Interview Magazine, the singer revealed that wasn’t the only startling thing that has happened to her in the public. As her major label debut album Born To Die began to take off, and on a number of occasions, the public would go to odd lengths to get her attention.

Lana told Eilish, “All of a sudden, I was walking down the street [in New York] as I always did, and people would throw elbows at me. I was like, ‘Oh my God, no way did that actually happen.’ Someone recognized me and gave me a shove.”

That was only the beginning, as Lana continued, “Or in San Francisco, I was eating at a bistro, and a woman threw a book about feminism at my face.”

Eilish was in complete disbelief, replying, “No way.” Lana had a quiet calm response to the scary interaction, “When things shift radically in your life, you have to almost want to have a radical perspective shift. You can’t force it, but if you stay calm, all of a sudden, it comes.”