Lorde’s New Single ‘Solar Power’ Is Now Here, With The Phoebe Bridgers And Clairo Features Intact

Well, it’s been quite an exciting week for Lorde fans! After the superfans made her trend simply because they miss her last week, she seemed to take notice, and shared an update for fans on her website. The album cover (single artwork?) and title, “Solar Power,” were clue enough that at least a new song was on the way, and her note hammered the message home: “Arriving in 2021… Patience is a virtue.” After endless memes of the revealing image on the album cover circulated the internet earlier this week, today the new single temporarily hit streaming services, causing further uproar.

The new single, titled “Solar Power” as the teaser suggested, featured both Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo, and seemed to come as unexpectedly as the update did. Except, then the song was pulled down, suggesting perhaps it was an unexpected development for the Lorde camp, too. Regardless of the earlier snafu, all appears to be right with the world now as the track is officially back up on streaming services and available for your listening pleasure, along with a brand new video.

This is clearly the beginning of a whole new era for everyone’s favorite New Zealand star, and Jack Antonoff is back onboard for production, so buckle up for a whole new project from Lorde apparently coming soon.

Watch the “Solar Power” video above.