Mariah Carey Put Her Own Hilarious Spin On The Bottle Cap Challenge

07.07.19 1 month ago

Getty Image

The bottle cap challenge is the new viral sensation sweeping the internet. If you haven’t already seen videos of the challenge, it’s pretty simple. The goal is to roundhouse kick off the cap of a bottle in a creative way. Celebrities like John Mayer and Jason Statham made the trend take off. Mariah Carey accepted the challenge in a hilariously unconventional way.

The “Touch My Body” singer knows the power of her own voice. Carey geared up for a kick but instead opted to use her vocal range to launch a cap off of a bottle of white wine. Watch the video Carey posted to her Twitter, but those who are wearing earbuds—be warned— the volume is startlingly loud.

Fans immediately responded that Carey had “won” the challenge.

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