Ryan Reynolds Goes Too Far For His Gin Company And Earns The Approval Of Fyre Festival’s Andy King In A New Ad

These days, it’s difficult to imagine Ryan Reynolds seriously being serious, given that he’s grown synonymous with Deadpool and deadpan, sarcastic humor. He keeps that reputation flying in a new ad for his own liquor brand, Aviation Gin. “Can you ever really go too far for your company?” he wonders after illustrating the various ways that he’s gone taken his own dedication to the brand way too far. By that time, Reynolds has claimed that he’s “committed to blowing every single bottle personally” for a signature edition of the liquor. Add engraving-by-hand to that order and some teary eyes from the leading man before the full joke is revealed.

The ad’s kicker would be an appearance by Fyre Festival producer Andy King, who infamously claimed that founder Billy McFarland told him to “take one for the team” and give oral sex to a customs agent in order to release thousands of water bottles without paying a fee. That 2017 “festival,” as no one has forgotten, grew into an utter catastrophe and made King’s face a visual that people now commonly associate with that kind of sexual favor.

Oh well, King might get his own reality show as a result, and clearly, he got a paycheck here. “He gets it,” King affirms after watching Reynolds’ ad-within-an-ad. “I’ll have an Aviation Gin.” Uh, bottoms up?

(Production Credits for this commercial are as follows: Director / DP Bryan Rowland; Producer / Alec Eskander; Production Company / Escape Velocity Content)