John Mayer Has No Clue If He Is Performing At The Disorganized Woodstock 50 Festival Or Not

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The Woodstock 50th anniversary festival started as an interesting idea, but what it has become lately is a huge mess. First the investors funding the festival announced that it had been canceled, but the fest’s co-founder quickly followed up and said that the festival will go on, just with different investors. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding Woodstock 50 right now, and that extends to the artists as well, who don’t seem to know if they will be performing at the fest or not.

John Mayer, who was (or is) part of the Woodstock 50 lineup as a member of Dead & Company, spoke about the Woodstock drama during a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show Radio Andy. He said that he’s really not sure what’s going to happen, and made an apt Monty Python comparison:

“I know that I’m… I was on the bill to some extent, being in Dead & Company, but I’m as much of a spectator as anyone else is to this wildness. I was told it’s not happening, but every time I hear someone say like, well, there’s only one person still saying ‘No, it’s going to go.’ It reminds me of the scene in [Monty Python And The Holy Grail] where the knight is now missing the arm and the leg and he’s hopping up and down saying, ‘It’s just a flesh wound.’ If those guys end up going, I will go, but it seems to me now, ‘It’s just a flesh wound’ and blood is spurting everywhere.”

Aside from Dead & Company, the Woodstock 50 lineup is (or was) set to include Jay-Z, Chance The Rapper, The Killers, Santana, Cage The Elephant, Halsey, and a bunch of others.

Listen to Mayer talk about Woodstock 50 below.