Mark Ronson’s Baby Was Hilariously Hypnotized After Hearing A Billie Eilish Hit

Mark Ronson shared a hilarious story about the power of Billie Eilish. During a new interview with People Magazine, Ronson revealed that his one-year-old daughter absolutely loved Eilish’s song “What Was I Made For?.”

“My mom has a record player in the house, and we were listening to the [Barbie] vinyl,” Ronson shared. “‘What Was I Made For?’ came on, and you could tell — something about Billie’s voice and how bewitching that song is, she kind of went into a bit of a trance.”

Considering how striking the moment was, Ronson then eventually showed Eilish how his daughter was so taken with the song. And it makes sense, it is a soft ballad — almost like a lullaby to a child.

“I sent Billie a video, like, ‘Look what you’re out here doing to these kids,'” he added.

Ronson worked on the song with Eilish, as he was the producer for a few songs on the Barbie soundtrack, served as the executive music producer overall, along with more related duties.

Since the blockbuster film released last summer and the track gained popularity, Eilish has won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, as well as two Grammys for Song Of The Year and Best Song Written For Visual Media.