Billie Eilish Was ‘Very, Very Miserable’ When She Wrote ‘What Was I Made For?,’ Her Golden Globe-Winning Song That ‘Kind Of Saved’ Her

Should Billie Eilish find herself asking, “What Was I Made For?” — the title of her and Finneas’ Barbie single — I hope she stumbles upon this post on X (formerly Twitter) by Keith Nelson Jr.: “Billie Eilish has been able to legally drink alcohol for one year and has one of the most decorated careers in music history.” Zero lies told. Seven Grammys, two Golden Globes, one Oscar. And her most recent Golden Globe victory came on Sunday night, January 7, when she and Finneas accepted Best Original Song, Motion Picture for “What Was I Made For?

Eilish handled the one-minute-long acceptance speech. “You know, it was exactly a year ago, almost, that we were shown the movie, and I was very, very miserable and depressed at the time,” she said, in part. “Writing that song kind of saved me a little bit, and a year later, here we are. And it’s really surreal. I feel incredibly, incredibly lucky and grateful.” Eilish ended on a joke (?) about the star-power in the room, noting, “You guys scare the living hell out of me — everyone in this room — but thank you so much.”

Of course, objective onlookers can see that Eilish has no reason to feel intimidated. To equate critical acclaim, fame, and accolades to self-esteem would be stupid, but for the sake of this article, it is worth noting that “What Was I Made For?” is nominated four times at the upcoming 2024 Grammys and is expected to receive a nod at the 2024 Oscars as well.

Eilish’s forthcoming third solo album is among Uproxx’s “Most Anticipated Albums Of 2024” list, as Finneas relayed the LP is “85 percent done” within a Mr. Porter profile published last month. However, over the weekend, Eilish and Finneas gave a more specific update to The Associated Press.

“It’s happening,” Eilish said. “We are almost finished, by days, with this album, but it’s not coming out soon. Soon-ish.” Finneas added, “We’re just almost done making it.”

Watch Eilish’s acceptance speech above, and watch Eilish and Finneas’ backstage interview below.

The Barbie soundtrack is a Warner Music release. .