Miley Cyrus Said She’d Kiss Harry Styles Over Justin Bieber: ‘I’m Into The Fishnets’

Because heteronormative culture just won’t quit, openly queer woman Miley Cyrus was asked which of these two male pop stars she’d rather kiss: Harry Styles or Justin Bieber? But wait, she was also asked whether she’d kiss Dua Lipa or Cardi B under the mistletoe, so maybe things are improving after all! (She chose Cardi, because she’s pretty much been there with Dua).

Anyway, on the British radio show, Heart FM, the DJ fired off a number of would you rather-style questions to the Plastic Hearts creator. The million dollar question, between Justin and Harry, might be reductive and embarrassing, but I too want to know the answer. Of course, the ever-savvy Miley knew to side with Harry on this one. “Harry,” she said with complete certainty. “That’s easy.”

She clarified though that her response wasn’t a diss to Justin, who she’s known forever, but that he feels more like a brother at this point. “Justin Bieber I’ve known way too long and it’s like family. Harry Styles, he’s looking really good. I’m into the fishnets. And we have very similar tastes. I think sharing a closet, sharing a life together, it just makes sense.” Well, that’s a celeb couple that would definitely have people talking. Watch the clip below.