Nick Kroll Did An Impeccable Dance For Florence Welch To A Florence And The Machine Song On ‘Corden’

Florence And The Machine are on the tail end of their tour in support of the band’s latest album, Dance Fever. Meanwhile, actor Nick Kroll has been promoting the new season of his animated series Big Mouth, not to mention his role alongside Harry Styles in Olivia Wilde’s much-hyped movie, Don’t Worry Darling. So waddaya know? Both Kroll and Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch found themselves chatting it up with James Corden on last night’s episode of The Late Late Show.

At one point, Corden turns to Kroll, who admits he’s a “a big fan” of Florence And The Machine, before embarking on a “weird story” about his err….fandom. Kroll explained that during lockdown, he was about to start shooting scenes for Mel Brooks’ new History Of The World, Part 2, TV series and Kroll’s wife suggested he take a dance class with her in order to get pumped up for the shoot. Turns out this was no ordinary dance class, and was in fact taught by Florence And The Machine’s music video choreographer, Ryan Heffington.

“It was me, two other guys and 45 women,” Kroll said about the class. Heffington taught them the dance that Welch and company do on Florence And The Machine’s video for “King” (which Welch performed later on Corden,) and upon hearing this, Corden suggestively asked Kroll, “Do you remember any of these moves?” Right on queue, Kroll got up from the couch and as “King” began to play overhead, he demonstrated the dance for Welch, who was visibly impressed at Kroll’s smooth — and quite frankly, hilarious — moves. “That was it! That was amazing!” the singer said.

Watch Nick Kroll perform the “King” dance for Florence Welch above. And watch Florence And The Machine play the song later on on Corden below.