Normani Dances On The Streets Of LA In Her ‘Motivation’ Video, The New Song Written By Ariana Grande

This Friday saw new releases from Taylor Swift, Charlie XCX, and Miley Cyrus, but Normani has all the motivation she needs. Normani released her new track, “Motivation,” along with a music video which shows the singer dancing through the neighborhoods of LA. The song has writing credits for Ariana Grande, marking the pop singer’s first placement as a writer for another artist.

The video opens as a young Normani sits down to watch her favorite music TV show. The singer sees the current version of herself on the screen and finds inspiration to start dancing. The now-grown Normani sports a crop top with her birth year stamped across the front as she dances down the street of her neighborhood. The remainder of the video has Normani showcasing her talent for dance. At one point, the singer even bounces a basketball off her backside and continues moving unphased. “Take a look at me now, a little motivation,” she sings.

Normani and Ariana Grande worked closely together on “Motivation” and shared sweet congratulations to each other on Twitter. Ariana Grande’s mom also expressed her sincere excitement for her daughter’s first time as a writer for another artist.

“I’m so proud of u,” Ariana tweeted to Normani.

“I love you so much. Thank you for believing in me the way that you have sis and for being my biggest cheerleader,” Normani wrote back.

Other celebrities shared their love for “Motivation” on Twitter.

Watch the music video for “Motivation” above.