Olivia Rodrigo Goes Pop-Punk On Her Latest Single, ‘Good 4 U’

With two top-ten Billboard singles to her name already, Olivia Rodrigo is looking for a third. Just a week out from the release of her debut album, Sour, the “Drivers License” songwriter is sitting pretty. Along with the unprecedented success of her first single, the love triangle drama it spawned, a Taylor Swift co-sign, and a solid second single in “Deja Vu,” tonight she’s shifting gears sonically. “Good 4 U” is much different in tone than the first two, which leaned into the sadness. This one will please any listeners who are fans of Paramore and “Misery Business” as it’s very reminiscent of the furiously sweet pop-punk style that Hayley Williams perfected.

Even if the tone and sound of the song are quite a departure, the theme and lyrics are still well within the same realm as her previous songs. “Good 4 U” is essentially about watching someone change and grow in a positive way after a break up, and the resentment that can come along with helping someone better themselves… only for them to move on to someone else. With Sour only a week away, this is the first indication we’ve gotten that the record might still have some surprises for us. Is there a metal song on there somewhere? Latent hip-hop? We’ll find out in a week! For now, check out “Good 4 U” above.