Rihanna Announced A New Fenty Perfume Is Coming Soon

While fans are still regularly clamoring for the follow-up to Rihanna‘s stone cold classic, Anti — which came out all the way back in 2016 might I remind you — the beauty and fashion mogul is unbothered. And she’s still much more interested in doubling down on her array of Fenty offerings. On Instagram today, RiRi announced that a new “Fenty Parfum” was coming soon, taking a moment to debut/showcase some side bangs in the shots she posted along with the news. Visuals tend to give some sort of hint as to what their accompanying scent will be like, and these black and white shots with a subtle modern twist via the shorter side burn/side bang are promising.

Between her makeup, lingerie, and now perfume offerings, and that new relationship with ASAP Rocky, it’s obvious that Rihanna has her hands full at the moment. Still, she hasn’t totally abandoned music, and rest assured that R9 will be here eventually. Until then, keep an eye out for a new scent hitting Fenty stores very soon. And if you really need more from her in the meantime, well there’s always the new terry lingerie, or Chloe Bailey covering “Love On The Brain.” That’s as good as it’s gonna get for a while.