Fans Spotted A Massive Diamond Ring On Rihanna’s Ring Finger, Sparking Engagement Rumors

While it’s hard to look at anything aside from Rihanna’s growing pregnant belly lately, some eagle-eyed fans noticed the pop star has been sporting another shiny accessory. Take a minute to look past the belly chains she’s been rocking, in the pregnancy photo shoot announcement, and at fan appearances, and check out the massive bling she’s rocking on that fourth finger of her left hand.

Sure, she’s Rihanna, a famous, wealthy pop star, who has enough resources to go out and buy any diamond ring (or rings) she might want. And given one of her biggest hits is called “Diamond,” it seems like a fair bet that RiRi has a few rocks of her own. But, the timing is pretty significant here, since she and ASAP Rocky got serious in their romantic relationship several months ago, and very recently let the world in on the fact that they’re starting a family. Given all of that context, and of course, the fact that she’s wearing said ring on the customary ring finger, engagement rumors are sparking around the debut of this new ring.

She was wearing plenty of diamond rings during a recent appearance at Ulta, so it might be nothing! But since ASAP has very clearly been in love with Rihanna since that “Fashion Killa” video, perhaps he’s finally locked it down. We’ll just have to wait and see what else the couple might share with us about their future plans.