Sabrina Carpenter Discusses Modeling Lingerie For Kim Kardashian’s Skims While Being Buds With Taylor Swift

In April, Sabrina Carpenter generated some attention online when she modeled lingerie for a campaign from Skims, Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand. This rubbed some folks the wrong way since Carpenter is friends with Taylor Swift, who famously does not have the best relationship with Kardashian. Carpenter has now addressed the situation in a new Rolling Stone cover story.

Carpenter said:

“As much as people want to believe you’re tuned into every little thing, I’m not because I’m constantly working. In that scenario, I’ve been very, very communicative with her about that situation, and I just love her so much and support her ’til the end. So it was no weirdness for me, but I know people will just say things because that’s all they have time to do.”

Elsewhere, Carpenter said of Swift, “I hold her to such a different echelon. I could never compare my life, my career, my trajectory to anything close to what she’s done.” She also noted of their friendship, “We’re very, very verbal with each other about our mutual love and admiration. […] She played me ‘But Daddy I Love Him’ before it came out, and that’s also one of my favorites.”

Check out the full interview here.