Selena Gomez’s Latest Post Is Pretty Cryptic But Fans Are Convinced It Means A New Album Is Coming Soon

Three is the trickiest number Selena Gomez could have chosen. Last week, Gomez posted clips from the set of Only Murders In The Building‘s upcoming third season, featuring Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd. She has been the third wheel we didn’t know we needed to Steve Martin and Martin Short’s long-standing comedic chemistry since the Hulu series began in 2021. And then there’s the matter of her forthcoming third (depending on who you ask) album, which she recently promises is “coming.”

So when Gomez captioned an Instagram carousel “3,” it could have meant a lot of different things, especially considering the official Only Murders Instagram account commented a “3” emoji, but Selena stans have kept receipts that seemingly point toward these photos being from a May 2021 studio session.

Technically, Gomez already has three LPs to her name — Stars Dance (2013), Revival (2015) and Rare (2020), as well as three Selena Gomez & The Scene albums — but she and her fans have referred to her forthcoming album as SG3. So, take that for what you will. A new album would be her third released under Interscope Records.

Regardless of its positioning in Gomez’s discography, there are a few universally confirmed details about the album.

While promoting her November Apple TV+ My Mind & Me documentary, Gomez covered Rolling Stone and revealed she had already written 24 songs for the album to that point.

My Mind & Me is a little sad, but it’s also a really nice way of putting a button on the documentary part of life, and then it’ll just be fun stories of me living my life and going on dates and having conversations with myself,” Gomez told the publication. “I feel like it’s going be an album that’s like, ‘Oh, she’s not in that place anymore; she’s actually just living life.'”

The following month, Gomez visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and said, “I’m so used to writing sad-girl songs because I’m good at that, but I’m ready to have some fun and I think people are going to like it.”