Surprise! Meryl Streep Is Joining The Already Stacked Cast Of ‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 3

The central trio of Only Murders in the Building are so popular they almost hosted the last year’s chaos Oscars. But the Hulu mystery-comedy has always been about more than stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. They score some big names. Last summer it was reported that Paul Rudd was heading to the Upper West Side for Season 3, which just started filming. Anyway, guess what? Turns out there were able to also nab one of the biggest screen legends in modern history.

On Tuesday, Gomez took to her Instagram page to share what seemed like a standard video from the show’s set. She was joined by Martin and Short, of course, and there was Rudd, sitting right next to them. But hovering in the background was someone perhaps bigger than all of them: no less than Meryl Streep.

The fact that the three-time Oscar-winner, who is debatably more popular now than ever before, was among the cast for Season 3 was a well-kept secret. It was Gomez who broke it, while Martin shared his own photo of the five hanging out on set.

It’s not clear who Streep will be playing. A new resident of the Arconia? An old flame of either Martin’s Charles-Haden Savage or Short’s Olivier Putnam? Just a fan of murder podcasts? But having Queen Meryl on the small screen is still a big deal. She predictably made waves when she joined the second season of Big Little Lies. But over her career she’s mostly stuck to film and theater, only deigning television with her presence sporadically, and then sometimes only lending her voice. (She’s done both The Simpsons and King of the Hill.) In other words, when she chooses to do TV you know it has to earn her.

(Via Variety)