Tate McRae’s ‘Darkest Hour’ Is A Gloomy New Ballad For Amazon’s ‘Panic’ Series

After landing a spot on our rising pop stars to watch list at the top of 2021, Tate McRae’s stock has only gone up. The dancer-turned-pop-star released her Too Young To Be Sad EP at the end of March, anchored by the lush single “Slower,” and collaborated with Troye Sivan on the track “You,” along with the artist Regard.

Of her journey from dance star to musician, McRae told our own J’Na Jefferson that she’s still settling into what kind of artist she wants to be. “The crazy thing is that I’m still trying to find my sound,” she said. “I think there are a million different ways that you can play around, and a different million different artists [to work with] that will shoot you in different directions. But I can’t really define what I do [musically]. I think it changes every month… You can do so many things nowadays.”

Today’s release is another example of how versatile McRae can be, her latest release, the gloomy ballad “Darkest Hour,” is from the Amazon series, Panic, adding TV soundtracking to her already crammed full resume. Maybe a cameo in a show is the next move for McRae after this? It seems like she’s got the relationship in place with the streaming giant to make that happen someday. Listen to her new track above.