Post Malone Is Joyfully Blown Away By A Typewriter In Taylor Swift’s New Behind-The-Scenes Look At The ‘Fortnight’ Video

Both Taylor Swift and Post Malone are familiar with what it feels like to have a No. 1 single, and they both recently had yet another Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper with “Fortnight” from Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department. (Malone has since landed another one with the Morgan Wallen collab “I Had Some Help.”) The two made a visual for their collaboration, too, and now Swift has shared a behind-the-scenes video.

In one fun moment, Post Malone has a lovely time getting his hands on an old-school typewriter. Swift shows Malone how to move the carriage back to the left side of the typewriter, and Malone, ever the beacon of positivity, responds, “All you do is move it! This is amazing.” He adds, “I feel very steampunk.”

Once he figured out how to use the shift key and get a capital letter, he laughed and exclaimed, “Oh, what the hell?! That’s badass! I’m buying this right now. […] This is too much fun. Y’all shouldn’t have let me play with it.”

Swift gets her fun in, too, although it’s less from fiddling with vintage writing equipment and more from the joy she gets when her directorial vision is realized in a satisfying way.

Check out the video above.