The Rudeboyz Make Their Debut With Their Sexy ‘Ojalá’ Video Featuring Adam Levine And Maluma

Colombian producers The Rudeboyz are making their debut as lead artists. Yesterday (October 20), the duo released the sexy music video for “Ojalá” featuring Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and Maluma.

The Rudeboyz have worked with Maluma since the beginning of his career. The duo is comprised of Bryan “Chan El Genio” Lezcano Chaverra and Kevin “Kevin ADG” Mauricio Jiménez Londoño. They’re behind Maluma’s global hits like “Felices Los 4,” “Chantaje” with Shakira, and “Hawái,” which The Weeknd later jumped on. Earlier this year, The Rudeboyz signed with hit-maker Tainy’s NEON16 label and now they’re stepping out as artists.

“As producers, we always dreamed of having an album,” Chan El Genio told Uproxx. “We’re very happy. We’re confident in the work that we did on this song. Since the first time we heard the song, we liked it a lot. It’s a reflection of everything we planned with this project.”

The song that Chan El Genio is referring to is “Ojalá” with Levine and Maluma. The duo revealed that when they were in a meeting with NEON16 about the single, they promised Maluma’s participation and looked to the label to get an artist “that’s as big or even bigger than Maluma.” NEON16 came through with Levine. The Rudeboyz produced the reggaeton-pop romp remotely from Medellín, Colombian. The collaboration marks the first time that Levine sings in Spanish.

The Rudeboyz met Levine in person when they shot the “Ojalá” video that directed by Diane Martel. Despite a few technical difficulties and unexpected weather conditions that delayed the filming, they said Levine was a good sport.

“We felt a little bit unattractive to be alongside Adam and Maluma,” Kevin ADG joked with a laugh. “We were very comfortable. When we saw the final video, it felt like a dream come true.”

About the experience of working with Levine, Chan El Genio added, “We got to know him well in person. Perhaps because he’s a legend, you might think he would be different, and he surprised us because he was a very humble person and he was very fond of the project.”

“Ojalá” will be included on The Rudeboyz’s debut album that’s 70 percent completed. The duo is ready to move from the recording studio to centerstage.

“Now we want to show the world that we’re getting out of comfort zone,” Chan El Genio said. “We’re experimenting with different and strange rhythms and collaborations like with Adam and Maluma that people have never seen before.”

On what they want to achieve as artists, Kevin ADG added, “We want to keep representing Colombia proudly, unite cultures, and we hope to keep going even further.”