People Still Can’t Get Over Timothée Chalamet Playing Harry Styles

Over the weekend, the great Timothée Chalamet was hosting SNL — and he even brought his mom. Now, there’s always a million brilliant moments on a show like Saturday Night Live, and last Saturday’s show was no different. But there’s one event that keeps getting brought up even days later, and that’s Timmy’s spot on impression of Harry Styles.

Now, both of these vaguely European and fearlessly feminine men became sex symbols, style icons, and breakout stars at around the same time, so the already have a lot in common. In fact, Chalamet interviewed Styles a couple years ago and the two had a fascinating conversation. One is currently king of cinema, while the other is the king of pop. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for Tim to give us the kind of Harry Styles take that is actually funny without an ounce of mockery.

In the clip, “Harry” is appearing on a talk show with Dionne Warwick. Side note, based on her recent Twitter performance, she’d be a killer host. Anyway, Warwick asks “Harry” how she’d know his work and the subject of “Watermelon Sugar” comes up. Of course, after the recent Vogue dust up, fashion comes up, too. Watch the pitch perfect sketch below.