Demi Lovato Told Will Ferrell His Movies Helped Get Her Through Rehab

Will Ferrell and Demi Lovato are starring in the upcoming Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga alongside Rachel McAdams. The satirical film was one of the first times Ferrell and Lovato worked together on a project, and they’re both big fans of each other’s work. Ferrell recalled meeting the singer on set and sharing a “really special moment.”

Ferrell recently chatted with the podcast Las Culturistas, hosted by Matt Rogers and SNL cast member Bowen Yang. In the episode, Ferrell discussed his time filming Eurovision Song Contest and detailed his experience working with Lovato. The actor said he’s a huge fan of Lovato, and she told him that his movies helped get her through difficult times in rehab:

“She was fantastic. David Dobkin, our director, kind of has all these ties to the music world because he still does a lot of music videos. He was like, ‘I think we can get Demi to play this role.’ And she was so sweet and lovely and she was actually shooting during her birthday. We kind of had this really special moment. She had just come out of her last rehab stint. I really wanted to work with her on this because I’m a fan. I go, ‘You’re so sweet I can’t believe you’re doing this, I just can’t believe.’ And she said, ‘Well I had to tell you, watching your movies really, kind of, helped me go through what I had to go through. It’s weird when you get hit in the chest with something like that and it’s so personal to her, it was one of the sweetest things ever. […] It was really beautiful. She was up for anything and the thing that struck us too was, you forget that, oh my god, she’s an absolute pro.”

Listen to the clip above and check out to the full Las Culturistas podcast episode here.