The Best Photos From Inspire Pro Wrestling: Wired For War (Featuring Your Ring Announcer, Me)

Welcome to the ultimate combination of The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw, every post we’ve ever done about Austin, every mention of independent wrestling we’ve ever managed and, frankly, This Week In Horrible-Looking People.

Back in July, I lived a very weird, niche part of my dream by becoming the ring announcer for a new independent wrestling promotion in Austin, Texas, Inspire Pro Wrestling. On Sunday, I ring announced (rang announce?) for their second show, and a photographer was on hand to catch the ridiculous combination of athleticism, sport, guys in burlap sack masks and fitness-themed neon tag teams that only local wrestling can provide.

Don’t get me wrong, the Inspire Pro shows are amazing. The first show featured guys from Ring of Honor, Chikara and elsewhere, and the second featured a killer Ray Rowe vs. Showtime Scot Summers war as well as two matches featuring Ricky Starks, who you may remember as “the guy who got food crammed in his ear during a backstage Ryback segment on Raw a few weeks ago.” That’s him in the photo at the top of the post, making me look very uncomfortable.

Check out the photos, ask me any “who is THAT guy” comments you need (his name is THE GREAT DEPRESSION, he’s a giant monster from the 1920s who hails from “the Dust Bowl”) and maybe follow this crazy thing I’m doing on Twitter. If we can get enough hype, who knows … maybe With Leather gets its own live wrestling show?

Seriously, make this happen for me.