The Most Patriotic People In The Entire World (Pro Wrestlers) Believe The USMNT Will Win

Before the World Cup began, WWE soccer team allegiances were divided. Since then, the United States has experienced triumph and suffered crushing defeat and disappointment, and the most patriotic people in the entire world — pro wrestlers — are ready to throw 100% support behind the red, white, and blue. Even the ones from England.

Here is the updated “what we think about the soccer” video, and highlights include:

– The continuation of Big E’s borderline psychotic patriotism
– Paige jumping ship to the United States, and Big E approving it because he’s “nice”
– Nikki Bella not even being able to love her country convincingly
– BO DALLAS (+++)
– The support of the Rosebuds, any of whom cannot be domestic

Join us tomorrow for the “I believe that Belgium cheated” followup.