WWE Is Making A Direct-To-DVD Flintstones Movie, Because Of Course They Are

WWE Studios has made a lot of great feature films, like the one where Kane tries to kill people because he hates May 19th, the one where Triple H puts himself over and entire school bus full of children and the one where Randy Orton will go to the papers if he has to. Over the next few years they’ll be releasing a Missing In Action reboot, a Leprechaun reboot (because they have a leprechaun already on the payroll) and an animated Scooby-Doo thing about WrestleMania. No, seriously.

Now, because of that one time the Rock had to come up with a PG way of calling John Cena gay for having colorful shirts, WWE Studios is doing a direct-to-DVD Flintstones movie about wrestling. Cue the Red Rooster popping up out of a stone age alarm clock and quipping, “eh, it’s a livin’!”

WWE Studios will announce today that they will be partnering with Warner Bros. to create a made for DVD Flintstones animated film.

The plan is for WWE stars to appear as prehistoric versions of themselves. The current script features twists on CM Punk, John Cena and others. The WWE talents will be providing the voices of their animated counterparts.

An official announcement is slated for later today, according to WWE sources. (via PWInsider)

I’ve done enough Sports On TV columns to know that tons of shows ended up doing episodes about wrestling, so I’m excited for this, especially to see what horrible Flintstones names they give everybody. The joke is that they’re cavemen, right, so their names all have to have something to do with rocks or boulders or whatever. Sometimes they’re really good, like when Tony Curtis became “Stoney Curtis,” but sometimes they’re lazy as f**k, like when Ann-Margret became “Ann Marg-rock.”

I have no idea what they’re gonna call Punk and Cena. Stone Cena, maybe? I really want The Rock to show up in this to see if they stick with calling him that, or call him “The Boulder” like they did on ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’ I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a “Corey Gravel” appearance, as well.