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05.05.10 29 Comments

Welcome to day 2 of the HitFix era. We’re still working out some kinks, but as I said in the comments to my introductory post, rest assured that our new ant HitFix overlords are reading and aware of any and all concerns, and working to improve what they can as quickly as they can.

And before I move on to some more watching/reviewing, I wanted to do a little link-blogging, including Fienberg’s take on “Idol” (and my own brief take), an interview I did with Mediaite, and the story of a critic who couldn’t watch “Lost” live last night because he was hanging out with half of Team Darlton…

  • As I said last week on the old blog, I’m probably not going to do regular “American Idol” reviews for the rest of this season. The only contestant I care about is Crystal, and, frankly, Dan does a much better job of covering that show. So here’s his take on Frank Sinatra Night, which is largely in line with my own. The Crystal thing was at once frustrating and understandable, in that I agree that that’s how a song like “Summer Wind” should be done, but it’s not a song or style that gets rewarded when you only have 90 seconds a week to impress people into voting for you.
  • Mediate posed their 5 Quick Questions to me, in which I risk incurring the wrath of the Whedon fans.
  • James Poniewozik from Time has a good story about getting texts from his wife about last night’s “Lost” (which I covered here) while seated next to Carlton Cuse at an awards dinner.

Back in a bit with thoughts on last night’s “Parenthood.”

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