Ask Alan: Dramas vs. comedies, minority opinions, and speeding up Peak TV

Senior Television Writer
10.23.15 10 Comments

It’s been nearly a year since the first episode of Ask Alan, and after working through various kinks and hiatuses, we’re finally ready to shift to what should be a weekly schedule for the foreseeable future. That means that we’ll need even more questions than ever being sent to, whether you want to talk about current shows, past ones, TV trends, my process, or whatever. As long as you can boil the query down to a sentence or two, anything goes.

Today’s installment is a particularly wonky one, as I get into whether it’s more challenging to review comedies or dramas and what it’s like to be outside the critical consensus on a particular show. And we also had some fun with one person’s unconventional approach to dealing with Peak TV. That’s all embedded right below this:

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