Ask Alan, Episode 3: Hate-watching, holiday binge-watching & more

Welcome to the third installment of our Ask Alan video series, and what should be the last one of 2014. Also, because of my upcoming travels to LA for press tour, followed by most of Team HitFix going to Sundance, there may be a brief hiatus before we get to episode 4. But at least I remembered to wear a different t-shirt this time, even if it's also a red one.

On this week's show, I was able to squeeze in three questions, touching on the phenomenon of hate-watching, whether “Gilmore Girls” was ever a contender to be in “The Revolution Was Televised,” and what shows I might suggest would make a good holiday binge.

As usual, you can send questions to, and please put “Ask Alan” in the subject line. Or, to make your life easier, click this email link and it will do all of that for you. You just have to write the question yourself – and, as with the days of the Firewall & Iceberg video show, the more concise you can make your question, the better.