Ask Alan: What’s The State Of The Marvel TV Universe?

Senior Television Writer
04.21.17 12 Comments

Happy Friday, everybody! Time for a new installment of Ask Alan, where I take your questions about the past, present, and future of TV.

First up, a query about Agents of SHIELD (which I stopped watching midway through last season) leads into a larger discussion about the state of the Marvel TV experiment, and whether the decision to tether the TV shows to the movies was a good idea, given the one-sided nature of the relationship.

After that, I’m faced with a difficult question about which TV showrunner cliche I hate more: “We can’t put these two characters together because of the” — non-existent — “Moonlighting Curse,” or “Really, we look at our entire season as a 10-hour movie.” (Though I note that Bosch, whose third season debuted today, manages to make the latter work.)

Finally, several questions about abbreviated final seasons — at least one directly inspired by the blink-and-you-missed it end of Review — inspire a discussion of final seasons that would have benefited from more episodes, and ones that should’ve been shorter.

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