Sepinwall & Fienberg Reunite To Talk About TCA, Riverdale & The Young Pope

Hey, remember that podcast I used to do with my old pal, Young Dan Fienberg? Us working for different publications has made a full-time reunion impossible, unfortunately, but every now and then, Dan and I wind up in the same place and get a chance to record a conversation about TV.

Our latest opportunity to do that came on my final day at the TCA press tour earlier this month, where we went back and forth between discussing notable TCA events and shows we had enjoyed, along with two full-ish length review discussions of The Young Pope and Riverdale.

We waited til my last day so we would have as much to discuss as possible, but the disadvantage of doing that is that I was in the throes of full-on press tour brain, and completely forgot to bring up perhaps our most important shared moment of the tour, particularly from the perspective of the old podcast: Dan meeting and negotiating a truce with Andrew Santino, aka Bruce from Mixology, now starring in Showtime’s upcoming drama about the ’70s stand-up comedy scene, I’m Dying Up Here. Despite my entreaties to record a postscript via Skype, Dan’s not having it, so you’ll just have to imagine what it was like for Dan and Andrew/Bruce to shake hands, talk about the problems with Mixology, and then have a perfectly pleasant conversation about stand-up culture and this new show.

The whole discussion’s embedded on SoundCloud for you to enjoy, even if it’s Bruce-less.

And for those of you who’ve been asking when I might get a new full-time podcast going, that time is coming very soon, I hope. A few logistical details are being figured out, but you should be seeing an announcement in the next few weeks.