Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 12: ‘Bad Teacher,’ ‘Black Box’ & more

After a week off for holiday travels, the Firewall & Iceberg video show is back, as Dan and I reviewed two new midseason shows, discussed a pair of recent season finales, and dug deeper into the controversy stemming from my interview with “Game of Thrones” director Alex Graves.

We’ll be back tomorrow to podcast about the “Community” finale, the latest “Mad Men,” and more (so keep those questions coming).

Time Breakdown:

0:00-5:10– “Bad Teacher”

5:10- 11:09– “Black Box”

11:09- 16:35– “Scandal”

16:35- 21:40– “Parenthood”

21:40– 30:34- “Game of Thrones”

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