Flaws And All, ‘Jessica Jones’ Season Two Gets Better As It Goes Along

jessica jones season 2 recap

Jessica Jones season two debuted yesterday on Netflix. I found the first five episodes pretty underwhelming, with the usual Netflix/Marvel flabbiness on display, and without the presence of David Tennant as Kilgrave to compensate.

Now I’ve watched the whole season, and I have a lot of additional thoughts on it — starting off with an overall assessment of things for those still on the fence, followed by spoilers galore for those who’ve watched it all — coming up just as soon as I steal you a pony with an annoyingly cute name…


To my pleasant surprise, this turns out to be the first season of any of these shows to have a stronger second half than a first — albeit within limits.

In time, something is revealed about Janet McTeer’s character that significantly complicates her rivalry with Jessica, and the interaction between McTeer and Krysten Ritter is at times even more interesting than between Ritter and Tennant, because there are many more layers to the thing that links them. The season is still absurdly padded, with nonsensical plot twists to stretch things out, and/or tedious character arcs about the supporting cast, but the Ritter/McTeer scenes cover for an awful lot of it by the end.

(Full season spoilers follow, so bail out now if you haven’t finished, or even started.)


The first few episodes with McTeer suggest she’s playing a botched early experiment by the same people responsible for giving Jessica her powers — a pretty familiar supervillain origin.