Naked lip syncs, karaoke in Hell, and more: TV’s best musical moments of 2015

‘Tis the season to be list-making, and while the rest of Team HitFix was brainstorming a list of the year’s best musical moments in movies, they asked me to pitch in a couple of TV scenes. Without even thinking hard, I’d given them a half-dozen, and knew there were plenty of other obvious ones. So I told them to finish up the movie list (which you can read here), and set off to think of more TV moments.

A year of great television (here’s my top 10 list and my absurdly long list of honorable mentions) offered plenty of great musical moments to choose from. Sometimes, they involved the perfect song playing in the background of a scene. Sometimes, the music became a part of the plot, and sometimes, the characters themselves were the ones singing.

The ones below were some of my favorite intersections of TV and music, and I could have piled on a whole bunch more (say, the use of “Heaven” at the end of “Halt and Catch Fire” season 2). What were yours?