Welcome To The Peak TV Avalanche Podcast With Alan Sepinwall and Brian Grubb! (Working Title)

Hey, everybody! You know how you’ve been asking me for the last 486 days or so when I was going to start up another podcast? Well, today is the day! Mostly!

Uproxx‘s Brian Grubb and I are proud to present the beta launch of what we’ve tentatively called The Peak TV Avalanche Podcast. As with the last show, it’s not a name we are in love with, and since this is a soft launch, we are open to alternative suggestions, which you can put in the comments here, or email me, or tweet at either me or Brian.

The name, the format, and various technical aspects are all works in progress, so rather than set up a feed and just go, we’re doing this podcast beta test, where we’ll be uploading episodes to SoundCloud for at least the first few weeks. Once everything is more concrete, there will be a feed set up so that you can subscribe via your favorite podcast app. (And we will put these early episodes in that feed.) UPDATE: And if you want to download the SoundCloud versions to listen to offline, that option’s been enabled.

The overall goal should be familiar, though, and more relevant than ever in the days when there are literally more interesting TV shows than there are hours in the day to watch them all, and we want to help guide you through Peak TV to make sure you see the shows that are great, to avoid the ones that are terrible, and to learn interesting stuff about some of the ones in between. In our inaugural episode, Brian and I do reviews of three new series — Powerless, Santa Clarita Diet, and 24: Legacy — after which Brian attempts to explain his Young Pope love to me, followed by a spoiler-filled discussion of The Good Place finale. And because when men plan, Michael laughs, that last segment was recorded about 10 minutes before NBC officially ordered a second season.

So take a listen below, and tell us what you think. As with any new show, there will be a learning curve, but we hope you like it and give us time as we make our way together.