Review: The comma’s the thing as ‘Veep’ heads to ‘Nev-AD-a’

A few thoughts on last night's Veep coming up just as soon as I tell you that the Nazis' polling numbers within Germany were through the roof…

Though “Nev-AD-a” never settles on a consistent pronunciation for the eponymous battleground state, it does a nice job of advancing the recount storyline – here bringing in Martin Mull as Ben's mentor, Bob “The Eagle” Bradley, who once treated Ben (aka “Benny and the Jizz”) the way the whole group treats Jonah now – while also putting other new stories and characters in play.

In particular, John Slattery's a welcome addition to the recurring cast as Selina's new love interest Charlie Baird, whose relationship goes from secret to incredibly public because Mike's cleanse lowered his defenses too much at the wrong moment. Dan having sex with Amy's sister because he misheard her and assumed she works for CBS rather than CVS was at once an easy joke and the exact kind of thing Dan Egan would do, Furlong's nasty presence is always welcome, and I could watch Richard Splett talk about his family email account for hours on end.

But if we're being honest, if the episode had only featured the scene parsing the one vote to decide whether it said “Fuck Selina Meyer” (a vote against her) or “Fuck, Selina Meyer” (an enthusiastic vote for her)… dayenu.

My only real disappointment: not enough payoff to Kent's attempt to get to the bottom of Sue's age after Bob Bradley mentions having worked with her. Though maybe that will be a running gag across the season.

What did everybody else think? And how are we all feeling about the post-Ianucci era two weeks in?