Review: ‘The Flash’ – ‘Power Outage’

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11.26.14 28 Comments

A quick review of last night's “The Flash” coming up just as soon as I admire your timepiece…

Other business kept me from seeing “Power Outage” until this afternoon, but I liked the split focus approach. Neither Clock King (even played by Robert Knepper) nor Blackout were likely compelling enough to justify an episode on their own, but worked just fine as antagonists in stories that were more about conflicts among the ongoing cast: respectively, Joe's protectiveness of Iris (who got to save herself) and Harrison's ongoing attempt to study Barry's power and ensure events in the future.

The latter is obviously the bigger story the series is dealing with, and “Power Outage” toggled back and forth between suggesting Wells is obviously a villain and saying he's a someone who will do very ruthless things (like sacrificing Girder – and, in the process, making Barry's silly unmasking in front of him a moot point) in service of a greater good. Him wanting to know how to steal Barry's powers could be another hint(*) that he'll become the Reverse-Flash (or help create him), or there could be some circumstance in this future where he'll need to stop one or more speedster's for a good reason. There have been times I've leaned one way more than the others, but ultimately I think the creative team is doing a good job leaving it ambiguous until the moment's right to explain what he's doing. 

(*) Speaking of hints, I sure hope we get to see many of the characters whose names were mentioned in Wells' list of particle accelerator victims, since they were the alter egos of not only Firestorm, but Elongated Man, Atom Smasher, Amazing Man, Fire, Damage and Fire.

What did everybody else think? Did you like the episode, or are you just impatient to get to next week's “Arrow” crossover?

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