TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 9: ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Brockmire,’ And More

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04.03.17 2 Comments

Welcome to episode 9 of TV Avalanche, where Brian “The Bad Boy Of TV Podcasting” Grubb and I tackle the start of this crazy television month of April head-on.

First up, we talk — while trying not to spoil anything of note — about the third season premiere of Better Call Saul, which you may recall was Brian’s top pick in last week’s draft of April TV premieres, and which I’ll have much more to say about before next Monday’s premiere.

After that, we discuss IFC’s terrific new baseball comedy Brockmire, which I interviewed star Hank Azaria about, and which should definitely be on your radar if you enjoy any or all of the following: baseball, ridiculous voices saying ridiculous and profane things, jokes about kinky sex and/or drug and alcohol, romantic comedy, Hank Azaria, Amanda Peet, Catastrophe, You’re the Worst, jokes about fracking, things that are good, etc.

Then Brian quizzes me on a few shows he hasn’t seen for one reason or another: the Prison Break revival, the return of iZombie, and AMC’s The Son. That’s followed by our delight at Adult Swim’s surprise April Fool’s Day release of the Rick and Morty season three premiere, and then spoilers for last week’s finales of Review and Legion.

As mentioned last week, the podcast now has its own iTunes feed, and is also available on Android. If it’s not on Stitcher or Google Play yet, it hopefully will be soon (approval with each service takes time). You can also download the podcast from SoundCloud, or stream it below, and you can send us questions at, or tweet with the hashtag #TVAvalanche.

00:00-01:42 Introduction
01:43-16:26 Better Call Saul
16:27-23:54 Brockmire
23:55-27:07 Prison Break
27:08-32:01 iZombie
32:02-35:17 The Son
35:18-42:56 Rick & Morty April Fool’s Day surprise
42:57-52:01 Review finale spoilers
52:02-01:01:27 Legion finale spoilers

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