TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 13: Mailbag, ‘Billions’ Quiz, ‘Americans’ & ‘Leftovers’

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We did it, you guys! We made it out of April — AKA the busiest month of Prestige TV in the history of TV — in one piece. The number of new shows we have to review each week is going to slow down for a bit, but that in turn means we can finally dip back into the mailbag and finally answer some of the many fine questions you have been emailing us at, or tweeting with the hashtag #TVAvalanche.

Among the very important topics discussed today: whether you’d be better off fighting five Chris Brody-sized Mike Ehrmantrauts or one Mike Ehrmantraut-sized Chris Brody, the battle for Esteemed Character Actress supremacy between Margo Martindale and Ann Dowd, whether Nora Durst and Gloria Burgle might be the same person, and a lot more.

Also, here is the Jonathan Banks menstruation film I told Brian about during that segment, in case you’re curious:

After that, it was time for Brian to once again quiz me on a show he watches but I don’t, with questions about the latest season of Billions, followed by me asking if he shares my recent concerns about this penultimate season of The Americans, and then a bunch of spoilers about the Kevin Sr. goes to Australia episode of The Leftovers.

TV Avalanche is now available on iTunes (please rate and review if you haven’t already), Stitcher, and Android. Still working on Google Play. You can also stream it below or download it from SoundCloud. Our theme song is “Brundlefly” by The Zombie Dandies, which you can download here.

The rundown:

00:00-01:49 Introduction
01:50-30:02 Super-sized TV Avalanche mailbag
30:03-40:47 Billions quiz
40:48-54:51 Should we worry about The Americans?
54:52-01:06:11 The Leftovers: “Crazy Whitefella Thinking” spoilers

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