TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 25: ‘The Last Tycoon,’ ‘Room 104’ & ‘Game of Thrones’

Welcome to another episode of TV Avalanche, where Brian Grubb and I try to sort out the best, worst, and most interesting things happening in Peak TV.

This week, we break down an Amazon period piece based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, an HBO anthology drama where every episode takes place in the same hotel room, and a Game of Thrones episode where various plans go terribly awry.

As always, you can send questions to, or tweet with the hashtag #TVAvalanche. Brian’s on vacation next week, and I’ll be trying to record an episode at TCA with a guest co-host, but it likely won’t be on Monday.

You can also follow the podcast directly on Twitter. Uproxx now has a dedicated TV Avalanche page with links to all the ways you can subscribe, but just in case, the podcast is available on iTunes (please rate and review if you haven’t already), Stitcher, Google Play, and Android. You can also stream it below or download it from SoundCloud. Our theme song is “Brundlefly” by The Zombie Dandies, which you can download here.

The rundown:

00:00-13:51 The Last Tycoon
13:52-22:17 Room 104
22:18-27:26 Listener mail: Leftovers spinoffs
27:27-32:58 Listener mail: Successful character makeovers
32:59-35:54 Listener mail: Leftovers Wu-Tang names
35:55-01:02:23 Game of Thrones: “Stormborn” spoilers