‘Up All Night’ – ‘Cool Neighbors’: Isn’t it ironic?

A quick review of last night’s “Up All Night” coming up just as soon as I make my Facebook pictures look good…

Two episodes in, two things seem fairly clear about “Up All Night”:

1)Emily Spivey and company have a very good handle on Reagan, Chris and baby Amy when they’re at home;


2)Spivey and company are still trying to figure out what to do with Maya Rudolph.

As with the pilot scene where the two fought over who got less sleep, I could 100% relate to the idea of wanting to desperately seem cool in spite of the various sacrifices one has to make for age, babies, etc. That story felt fairly universal, and funny, and while I didn’t much like the set-up of them going to the party to throw off suspicion about having called the cops, the cell phone joke – which paid off not only their lame deception, but Chris’s tight jeans and “ironic” love of Train – was so perfectly-executed that I forgave the rest of it immediately.

Ava at work, on the other hand, still feels like a different show. At times it’s a funny show – for someone with three kids, Rudolph did a very good job at playing someone who doesn’t know how to hold a baby – but it’s so much broader than anything happening in the personal stories that I can’t see this approach working long-term.

Overall, though, I think I laughed more at this than I did at the pilot, and it was further evidence that there’s a potentially very good comedy here once they iron all the kinks out.

What did everybody else think?