‘Wilfred’ – ‘Trust’: Let my love open the door

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06.30.11 22 Comments

A quick review of “Wilfred” episode 2 coming up just as soon as Bob Barker is the puppetmaster…

In what little I’ve seen of “Wilfred” so far, the show is at its funniest when Wilfred is shifting rapidly back and forth between man and dog (or, better when the human and canine sides are present at once). Though “Trust” deals with Wilfred’s fear of going to the vet, and the larger dog-like personality trait of irrationally trusting others, this was the episode of the three that felt most like it was just about a guy in a dog suit getting away with mischief because only Ryan sees him that way, and thus was less satisfying to me than the pilot or next week’s episode.

That said, Jason Gann’s energy in the title role is so infectious, and his chemistry with Elijah Wood so strong, that I imagine I’m going to be sticking with this one for a while, even as the American writers work to master exactly what their perspective on this character and this world is.

(Also, I’m 12, and Wilfred’s various bodily fixations amuse me more than I should probably admit.)

What did everybody else think?

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